Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Garber Speaks...

Garber at this years SuperDraft.

So again, there's no real news here to discuss, but The Washington Post's Soccer Insider writer Steve Goff did offer this bit from United's kickoff luncheon earlier today...

On the prospects of a stadium at Poplar Point, Commish Don Garber said:

"We are making progress. I sat next to a number of city officials [during today's DCU luncheon] who believe in this team, believe in this sport, they believe in Victor MacFarlane and Will Chang. It's frustrating and continually surprising to me that such an authentic team that is so deeply embedded in this community, that has been a great partner in the District is struggling to get a stadium built. And yet we have teams that are being launched around the country that have had a much easier and faster path. I applaud Victor's patience and his willingness to continue to work through the process, but when you think about how great this could be, it's disappointing that we are going to have to wait so far for that true vision of the team to be realized."

"RFK has served this team well and it served the Nationals well for a few years, but it would be inconceivable for baseball to play long term in RFK and it's inconceivable that MLS could play long term in that stadium. So we either resolve it here or we push this ownership group to move out of the District and that's something I say with a heavy heart because this is a community that has really supported this team."

Garber said he has toured the two potential stadium sites in Prince George's County, Maryland.

"They are great sites, they are accessible to public transportation, they've got great access for signage, which is a valuable component to stadium financing, and I am very pleased that the outreach the state and local community has had to move the team there."

How much longer can MLS and DCU wait for this process in the District to play itself out?

"I'd like to get this resolved in a matter of months, but I am not sure it will be."

Asked if he had any news on the Poplar Point project, Victor MacFarlane said:

"No, nothing. I'm boring these days."

As for exploring the alternate sites in Maryland, he added:

"We are continuing our process in other places."

DCU President Kevin Payne said that Poplar Point is the only option inside the city limits. (There had been talk that the city might propose an alternate site.) He also said DCU and the D.C. Sports and Entertainment Commission met this week about a long-term lease to stay at RFK until a new stadium opens and that he expects that to be finalized in the coming weeks.

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