Wednesday, March 5, 2008

"Black People Don't Like Soccer" ...?
Former Mayor Marion Barry, and current War 8 Rep.

By. Chris Pittman

Alright, so this ones been rattling around in my head for a while now. For some time I've heard these small arguments arise from people. Arguments that start with the "well you know's" and the "I mean don't take this the wrong way's". Up until recently they've seemed to be just small opinions on the matter of a DC United stadium in Ward 8, but today it really struck me while reading through the comments section of Marc Fisher's recent blog posting. I realized that there are more than a few folks out there weighing in on the subject that really find the idea that African Americans don't like soccer to be a relevant and appropriate argument against a stadium in Anacostia.

What century are we living in!?!

Forgive me for ranting here but how can anyone argue against building a stadium in a certain area under the basis that they personally think the majority race living in that area, as a whole dislikes the particular sport that will be played in that stadium? Now I am no fool, I am very much aware that soccer is not a powerhouse urban sport in our country. That's a fair argument, but can I just say that anyone out there that wants to argue the validity of a United park in Ward 8 on the basis that all African American's (and yes, I believe thats whats at the heart of this stance) simply dislike soccer is an ignorant bigot.

I apologize for being harsh but I am just very tired of this line of thought. Open up you're eyes people. This is the 21st century. A person no matter what their race, can follow and support any sport they like. Currently there are more people in Ward 8 in support of a United stadium than there are against it. If United is successful in their bid to build on Poplar Point, let us all rub it in the faces of those who scratched their heads in confusion at the idea of a "white sport" being played in a "black" neighborhood. Soccer is a sport that has always brought people together, and I believe it will do just that in Ward 8.

Remember to write you're local council member in support of a stadium at Poplar Point if you are a district resident.

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zrwoodard said...

I wrote the recently released book, Black People Don't Play Soccer? Unlocking AMerican Soccer's Secret Weapon to deal with this kind of stupidity. I've read this idiot's xenophobic rants before. I wasn't going to send him a copy of the book but I think I should add him to my mailing list.

This book talks about the roots of the political and cultural reasons some Americans cling to to keep soccer in its place.

The irony of the comment that African-AMericans don't like soccer is realy weak in the DC area. If I were to pick a team of black players, Wash. DC would be my first stop. The DC, Maryland, Virginia region has the greatest concentration of American born black players and coaches.

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