Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Conflicting Reports of Progress

So news broke not too long ago that progress has finally been made with Mayor Adrian Fenty. As stated here earlier it seems that (if the current reports are correct) Mayor Fenty does in fact want a United stadium at Poplar Point. It sounds like he wants it so much now that he's now offering to pay for the damn thing. Whether MacFarland and Co. will go for that has yet to be seen, but either way it looks as if a resolution to this debacle might be right around the corner. Here's NBC and ABC's takes on the matter...
News4 has learned that Mayor Adrian Fenty plans to propose building a $200 million soccer stadium on the banks of the Anacostia River across from the city's new Nationals ballpark.

Sources told News4's Tom Sherwood that the soccer stadium would be part of a $1 billion development deal on about 40 acres of land at Poplar Point along the river. The sources said the mayor will announce as early as Thursday that he has selected Clark Construction to develop the land.

Under the mayor's proposal, which must be approved by the D.C. Council, the city would spend about $200 million on the soccer stadium. Funds to pay for the soccer stadium bonds would come from taxes and revenue that already are being generated by the new baseball stadium, which opens in late March.

If approved by the council, the stadium deal would keep the D.C. United team in the District. Soccer team owner Victor Macfarlane has been talking about moving the team to a suburban location.

In addition to the soccer stadium, the city is expected to spend about $240 million on street, sewage and other public works improvements on the land.
and now ABC's...
Sources tell ABC 7 News D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty will announce at a morning news conference the city has offered a deal to D.C. United to build a stadium at Poplar Point in Anacostia, keeping the soccer team in the city.

The mayor briefed council members on his plan Wednesday, according to sources, saying he would like the immediate backing of the majority of the council before moving forward with the deal. It's not clear what will happen if the seven members don't come forward. Sources say under the mayor's plan, the city would lease 11 of the 110 acres at Poplar Point and provide the land to D.C. United for a stadium. The rest of the land would go to Clarke Construction, which the mayor has chosen as having the best plan to develop the area.

An earlier plan, which Fenty rejected, would have given the entire site to D.C. United and it's backers to develop.
Well there you have it. If I was a betting man I'd have to say that the odds are looking pretty good for a United park within The District. Who knows which report is correct and which way United will go on the offer, but either way, for the first time in a long time it seems as if our local government wants us again. It's a nice feeling. I'll be back tomorrow with an update...

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